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StrongPoint ASA: Employee shareholder program

StrongPoint ASA has today sold 8,250 own shares. The shares were sold in conjunction with the share program for all employees. The price for the shares was NOK 26.929 per share, which is the volume weighted average for the past three business days. New holding is 187,269 shares, 0.4% of the outstanding shares.

The shares are transferred to each employee's securities account. The employees participating in the program gets four allocations per year. The maximum number of shares per employee was 325. There is a lock-in period of one year for the shares, and the discount is set to 20%. Below is a list of primary insiders that have participated in the program:

Julius Stulpinas, SVP Technology & Supply chain, acquired 325 shares through the program. New holding is 25,296 shares, 0.1% of the outstanding shares.

Rimantas Mazulis, SVP Baltics, acquired 325 shares through the program. New holding is 19,034 shares, 0.0% of the outstanding shares.

Please see the attached form(s) for notification and public disclosure of transactions.

This information is subject to disclosure requirements set out in the Market Abuse Regulation EU 596/2014 Article 19 and the Norwegian Securities Trading Act Section 5-12.


About StrongPoint

StrongPoint is a retail technology company that provides solutions to make shops smarter, shopping experiences better and online grocery shopping more efficient. With over 400 employees in Norway, Sweden, the Baltics and Spain and together with a wide partner network, StrongPoint supports businesses in more than 20 countries. StrongPoint provides in-store cash management and payment solutions, electronic shelf labels, self-checkouts, task and labor management software, click & collect temperature-controlled grocery lockers, in-store and drive-thru grocery pickup solutions and, grocery order picking solutions. StrongPoint is headquartered in Norway and is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange with a revenue of 1bn NOK [ticker: STRO].