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UPDATE – NFT Showtime: NARAKA HERO Reignites NFT Sector’s confidence

MELBOURNE, Australia, July 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On July 19, the NARAKA HERO series of blind boxes published by MetaList Lab were successfully released on the Binance NFT platform and sold out within 15 minutes! After the sale ended, many collectors showed off their NARAKA HERO collections on Twitter, anticipating the upcoming collection, "Dragon" card.

"We believe that NARAKA HERO is an excellent collectible with both beauty and imagination. The market has also proved this to us. When the prices of cryptocurrencies BTC and ETH continue to fall, the price of SSR in NARAKA collectibles NFT even rises 25 times," said Sharona, co-founder of MetaList, the publisher of Naraka Hero.

The current trend of cryptocurrencies continues to go downward, as to the NFTs market. The release of Naraka Hero has regained some confidence in the NFTs market, and the enthusiasm of collectible NFTs collectors has also stimulated the sentiment of the entire market.

The NARAKA HERO series of blind boxes is a collectible NFT licensed to MetaList Lab by the popular game "NARAKA: Bladepoint,” which is developed by 24 Entertainment and published by Netease. NARAKA has ranked first on the steam bestseller list when it began to pre-sale.

"The Oriental style shown in the NARAKA game fascinated me. When I tried this game, I felt that I was an oriental knight with a sharp sword and a kung fu. So I thought, if these items are made into art NFT collections, they will definitely make more people fight for them," when talking about the origin of Naraka Hero, Sharona commented.

In the NFT design of NARAKA HERO, the exquisite animations of the six heroes in the game are mainly displayed, and the modern style ink-and-wash dynamic video carefully drawn by top masters makes the heroes come to life. Collectors can keep their favorite heroes by their side by collecting these hero cards.

"This release of NFT is the first attempt of MetaList, and it is also an excellent example of combining video games and NFT. In the future, we will continue to build a community ecology and create our own gaming IP collectible culture. We will also launch collections continuously. We welcome everyone to continue to pay attention to our Twitter and official website,” Sharona said in the end.

About MetaList
MetaList Lab is an IP copyright protection and NFT publisher. The team members are from Australia. The goal of MetaList is to create a brand new art collection market and community. For more information, please visit:


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