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Vigmed: Report from Annual General Meeting in Vigmed Holding AB (publ) 12 May 2016.

On May 12, 2016, Vigmed Holding AB (publ) held its Annual General
Meeting. At the AGM, 29,162,434 shares were represented, 44 % of all
shares. A summary of the resolutions follows below. All resolutions
were passed with the required majority.

The AGM resolved to adopt the presented Income Statement and Balance
Sheet, and the Consolidated Income Statement and Consolidated Balance
Sheet. The Meeting also resolved to appropriate the Company's profit
or loss in accordance with the Board of Directors' proposal in the
Annual Accounts. Additionally, the Meeting resolved that no dividend
is paid for the financial year 2015.

The AGM resolved to discharge the Board members and Chief Executive
Officer from liability for 2015.

The AGM resolved that the Board of Directors will consist of Sten
Dahlborg, Rikard Roos, Mikael Karlsson, Thomas Baier, Axel Sjöblad
and Philip Nyblaeus. Sten Dahlborg was elected as new Chairman of the
Board. The remuneration shall be SEK 200,000 to the Chairman and SEK
100,000 to every Board member who is not employed by the company. The
Chairman shall, apart from above mentioned compensation, have the
possibility to receive compensation of a maximum of SEK 48,000 per
month, excluding social security expenses, for consulting services
outside the Chairman's normal duties.

The AGM also resolved that, as in the previous year, auditors' fees
are payable in accordance with approved account, on the customary
debiting terms. It was resolved that AB Öhrlings
PricewaterhouseCoopers continue as the Company's auditor and that
responsible accountant is Christer Kilefors.

The Annual General Meeting decided to grant the Board of Directors
authorization, to decide on new share issue, on one or more occasions
during the period until the next AGM, with or without waiving
shareholders preferential rights. Issues may be made with or without
the provision of contribution, set-off or other terms. The number of
shares to be issued may not exceed a total of 7,305,555. Dilution of
capital may, upon full exercise of the authorization, amount to no
more than about 10 percent of the registered share capital after the
exercise of the authorization. The intention of the authorization is
to enable the raise of working capital and to finance further market
expansion, additional products and production capacity as well as
potential changes in the production structure. To the extent the
authorization is used for issue against cash payment waiving the
shareholders' preferential rights, the issue price should be

The Annual General Meeting decided on the procedures for appointing
the Nomination Committee for the AGM 2017. The Nomination Committee
shall consist of three members. The Chairman of the Board will during
the autumn of 2016, contact the major shareholders (determined by
number of shares) in order for a Nomination Committee to be
established. The names of the persons to constitute the Nomination
Committee and the names of the shareholders who appointed them shall
be announced no later than six months before the Annual General
Meeting 2017 and be based on the known shareholding as per September
30, 2016. The Nomination Committee is appointed from the time of its
composition is made public until the next Nomination Committee is
formed. Chairman of the Nomination Committee shall, unless the
members agree otherwise, be the member appointed by the largest
shareholder (determined by number of shares). The committee forms a
quorum when more than half of its members are present.

If during the Nomination Committee's mandate period, one or more of
the shareholders who appointed members of the Nomination Committee no
longer belongs to the major shareholders shall the members appointed
by these shareholders resign and the shareholder or shareholders who
have become among them holding major shareholders will be asked if
they want to designate their members to the Nomination Committee.
Unless there are special reasons or if only marginal changes in
shareholding or if the change occurs later than two months before the
general meeting where the proposals from the Nomination Committee
shall be addressed, changes in the composition should not be made.
Shareholders that appoint Nomination Committee members are entitled
to dismiss such member and appoint a new member to the committee.
Likewise if a member requests to leave the Nomination Committee
before its work is completed, the shareholder who appointed the
member shall be entitled to appoint a new member to the committee.
Changes in the composition of the committee shall be published as
soon as they occur. The Nomination Committee shall prepare proposals
on the following matters to be presented to the Annual General
Meeting 2017 for decision:

(a) proposal for chairman

(b) proposal for number of Board members

(c) proposal for election of Board members and Chairman of the Board

(d) election of auditors

(e) proposals for Board fees and distribution between Chairman and
other Board

(f) proposal for fees to auditors

(g) proposal for procedures for appointing the Nominations Committee

Helsingborg, May 13, 2016

Vigmed Holding AB (publ)

For further information contact:

Chairman of the board, Sten Dahlborg +70 836 9419 or CEO, Henrik Olsen
+46 76 349 7364

Vigmed is a Swedish medical technology company whose mission is to
eliminate needlestick injuries and the associated risk of cross
infections with blood-borne infectious diseases by offering the
market unique needle-protected products. Vigmed is headquartered in
Helsingborg, Sweden. Vigmed's share is traded on NASDAQ OMX First
North in Stockholm (ticker VIG) and has approximately 5 600
shareholders. Remium Nordic AB is the Company's Certified Advisor.
Additional information about the company can be found on Vigmed's


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