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2021-10-26 Describes How Its Community-Marketing Does for Global Marketing, Expansion and Premises What UBER Did for Ride-Sharing describes how the ¼ of a Billion clients in its affiliates – and global premises and personnel – were acquired at zero cost to it or its Affiliates. It also describes how to create this type of 21st Century structure, and why WM’s client base should expand by 5+ times in 2022

ST PETER PORT, Guernsey and NEW YORK, Oct. 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- To provide service on a Global Basis (i.e. all countries) as opposed to an international or multinational basis (i.e. some countries) generally requires dozens or hundreds of premises and hundreds of thousands of personnel. It also requires ongoing marketing campaigns that cost millions to tens-of-millions of dollars per annum per country – let alone the cost of 193 countries – or 245 countries and territories – that’s service is present in.

However, Global Telephony Provider (“WM”) has premises and personnel in all the countries in which it provides its services – but at zero cost. Similarly, it has total brand-loyalty and distributes saturation retail marketing in all these countries – also at zero cost.

WM has completely removed four of the largest costs incurred by any company – premises, equipment, personnel, retail marketing and brand marketing – completely. Moreover, it has tested this system and further refined it in its nine years of operational testing, so it is now fully automated in all respects. Therefore, even its implementation and management is automated, and at zero cost.

WM achieved this by applying a 21st Century solution to business components that generally function on 19th and 20th Century models.

Utilizing the communication and interconnectivity possibilities provided by WM’s Telecommunications business, global interconnectivity via the internet and the specific structuring of its Artificial Intelligence Complex Adaptive System to do so, WM included all entities and persons who utilize WM’s business into the business itself. This is so they all have a stake in its success, and all are able to personally make a living or benefit from the success of the business.

It is the equivalent of giving shareholdings in a company to the workforce – just on a global scale, and in a much more efficient manner. Moreover, the results – as proven during WM’s nine years of operational testing and as evidenced by WM acquiring Affiliates in 193 countries with 288 million members prior to it even commencing marketing the Affiliate opportunity with its Platform 2 – speak for themselves.

In short, WM does for these aspects what UBER did for community ride sharing. It provides the opportunity for entities to utilize their existing premises, personnel, and client bases for WM activities as a means of acquiring additional revenue at zero cost to them – just as UBER provides the opportunity for persons to use their vehicles for ridesharing as a means of acquiring additional revenue.

The differences are primarily that:

  • WM has been doing this since 2009 – whereas UBER and companies that have copied it - only started doing this in the recent past.

  • WM applies this system with complete transparency of all structures, flows and actions to Affiliates.

  • WM provides Affiliates with a fully functional segmented part of its Artificial Intelligence Complex Adaptive System in their own Administration Consoles, so they can monitor all revenues and activities within their Affiliates 24/7/365 (with relevant information redacted to ensure 100% Member privacy and confidentiality).

  • WM provides Affiliates with 10% of all Net Revenue that flows in, from all and any of the full range of Facilities on their Affiliate Platform (an identical replica of the WM Platform).

  • WM provides this all at zero cost to the Affiliates. In fact, the Affiliates incur zero cost for anything at all. They acquire 20+ additional primary revenues and 200+ secondary revenues streams to expand (or create) their services offerings exponentially, and immediately – and extend them from local or national to Global businesses – at zero acquisition cost, zero start-up cost and zero running costs over and above their already-existing costs.

In return, all the Affiliates need to do is to receive WM’s Retail Marketing messages (which they get in their Administration Consoles and by email) and distribute the Retail Marketing messages to their existing client / member / customer bases.

They are encouraged not to incur any costs to do this, and to just include the Retail Marketing messages in the existing communication methods they have with their existing member bases. This can be by email, by letter, on a blog, in flyers, on the back of till slips, on noticeboards – incorporating it into their communication means they already use.

The Affiliates can – electively – also sell TUV Digital Currency, place SCRM Machines at their premises, or provide other means of elective support (which they may charge for) to their own members.

Each Affiliate gets their own branded version of the WM platform, so their members are directed – through the Retail Marketing – to go to their own Affiliate Platform, which is where they derive their revenue. When a member signs up through an Affiliate’s Platform, he / she is electronically tagged as being a member of that Affiliate, so the Affiliate will always receive the revenue from its Members. This process is in place because as one of the failsafes, Members can log in and access their accounts from any WM Affiliate Platform or the WM Platform – regardless of which one from which they joined.

The results of this system are that –

WM acquires:

  • Global Retail Marketing and Client Acquisition at zero cost

  • De-facto global Premises, Equipment and Personnel at zero cost

  • Global Brand Loyalty at zero cost (the Platform Brand is the Brand of the Affiliate).

Affiliates acquire:

  • Fully-operational versions of WM at zero cost

  • Expansion of their revenue streams by 20 times to 200 times at zero cost

  • Lowering of their own operating costs by up to 80% at zero cost

  • The capacity to turn their businesses from Local or National to Global at zero cost

  • All technical support and full operational visibility at zero cost

  • The capacity to electively acquire even more additional revenue streams at zero cost

This system is not just a combination of the concepts of the modern UBER community ride-sharing concept, the modern flexi-office concept, the modern sharing of company equity among workforce and others into one overall concept – it far surpasses them all, combined. Moreover, it is not a concept or aspiration. It is a fully tested, proven, due diligenced, fully operational and successful business process – operational worldwide

This is because mutual support based on mutual benefit comes at zero cost to either WM or the Affiliates, and the end-user – the WM or Affiliate Members – also share in their arrangement because the exponential cost-savings are directly passed onto them.

This represents a totally new structural concept and flow in respect of Global – or any other – business, and it is one all business can – and should – contemplate applying.

Naturally, before implementing applying such concepts and structures, there is a great deal of work required in structuring and testing. There are hundreds of legal, regulatory, structural, administrative, control, oversight and other structures and processes that need to be implemented, tested and refined.

However, once this system is perfected, tested and proven, it provides – as it does for WM – the basis for unlimited and very rapid Global Expansion – and exponential increases in operations – at zero cost.

This in turn facilitates business advantages that literally cannot be matched in terms of pricing, speed, market-penetration and many other aspects. If this 21st Century structuring is implemented, companies and businesses functioning with 19th or 20th century structuring and processes cannot compete. Their comparatively unwieldy, slow and extraordinarily expensive systems, processes and structures price them completely out of the market.

It is inevitable that the construct and flow of businesses and business-processes will increasingly begin to follow this model – particularly as a globally functional model of this exists – and has existed for almost a decade – within WM. It is just a matter of time.

In the interim, WM will begin to robustly implement its global expansion via this method in 2022, and – based on its previous experience with its Platform 1 – it anticipates easily increasing the member base within its Affiliates by at least five times from its current quarter of a billion.

Through this projected exponential growth, WM will provide its Telephony Services – and also its TUV Global Digital Currency and Global Clearing System – not just to, in, and from all countries worldwide, it will also enable the persons and entities within those countries to themselves become members of WM’s Global Community Ecosystem – because they will all share in its success.


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